History Camp – Philadelphia

On May 2nd, 2020, I will be presenting at History Camp – Philadelphia. My topic will be “Slavery, Abolition and Seeking Freedom in Pittsburgh.” The Pittsburgh area has an interesting history in regards to Slavery and Abolition, and while it wasn’t a major place of Underground Railroad activity, there are some important figures from the Pittsburgh Area.

History Camp began in Boston in 2014 and over the past several years has expanded into a non-profit organization called, The Pursuit of History. With the founding of the non-profit and the expansion of History Camps to several places throughout the United States, The Pursuit of History is attracting adults to learn, think and connect more to history.

Please check out History Camp – Philadelphia and hopefully, we will see you there!


Greetings! I am Shawn MacIntyre, and I grew up with a love of history. When most kids were watching cartoons I was watching documentaries. After a long career in public safety, I chose to return to college to seek a new career path bringing history to the public. In April 2019. I graduated from Point Park University with a Bachelor's Degree in History, Magna Cum Laude. My new path is to make learning history fun, exciting and accessible to everyone. I invite you to join me on my journeys to historic destinations, learn interesting facts about the past, and spark a love for history!

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