Traveling in search of History

To write the blog, I travel as much as I can so that I can visit historic sites and give a first hand experience of the site and it’s history. The travel costs money, and so does the upkeep of my website. I love to bring my readers more information about the amazing history that exists all around us. Sadly, travel and website maintenance cost money. I have set up a Patreon site to continue the work of bringing you all historic information and highlighting historic sites. If you have the means, I greatly appreciate any support. click on the link below. Thank You!

Magical History Patreon




Greetings! I am Shawn MacIntyre, and I grew up with a love of history. When most kids were watching cartoons I was watching documentaries. After a long career in public safety, I chose to return to college to seek a new career path bringing history to the public. In April 2019. I graduated from Point Park University with a Bachelor's Degree in History, Magna Cum Laude. My new path is to make learning history fun, exciting and accessible to everyone. I invite you to join me on my journeys to historic destinations, learn interesting facts about the past, and spark a love for history!

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