Help Preserve A Historic Fort

In the rise of the British Colony of Pennsylvania, tensions between the early settlers and the native population ran high. England approved a line of forts to be built to help and protect the settlers in the colonies. Fort Loudoun in South Central Pennsylvania was a response to this edict from England. The fort was built on the Patton Farm, it was a small, wood frame construction based on other British plans. The walls were wood stockade, with several shooting positions placed along the palisade walls. The fort was only used from 1756 – 1765 and has several short spots in history, literature and the movies. The Fort was the station of the His Royal Majesty’s 42nd Highlanders for a period of time,  It is mentioned in the book, “The First Rebel” a book about James Smith and his Black Boys who were a group who covered their face in black and tried to stop shipments of weapons, powder and ammunition from going to the west where Native Americans may get a hold of them rebelling against orders by the British Military. Fort Loudoun also gains some Hollywood name recognition for the 1939 movie “Allegheny Uprising” which starred John Wayne.

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The current incarnation of Fort Loudoun was built in the late 1980’s, the construction was based on archaeological evidence and writings from the period. It housed the Pennsylvania Provincial Regiment in 1756, It also served as a post for Henry Bouquet during the Forbes Road expedition.  The site holds special events and runs tours by appointment to educate school age children and the general public about the history of the fort.

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The fort has fallen into disrepair and it is seeking volunteers to assist with repairs on October 27, 2018. The fort will take any volunteers that come forward, but they are in need of skilled trades people to help, especially: roofers, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, painters, HVAC mechanics, electricians, plumbers, floor installers, gardeners, landscapers, welders and more. Donations will also be accepted to help toward several repair projects that need to be done. I will be heading out there to help with the work and hope many of you will also take a day to help preserve a historic site for people to study and learn from for years to come.  For more information, visit their website:

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