Living History Resources

A wonderful part of history is giving people a chance to see and experience what life was like in the past. It gives people a better appreciation for history. Whether it is cooking by the fire, or in a handmade oven, experiencing soldier life, making a wooden chair, standing inside a Native American village, or working a farm with 19th-century equipment. There are literally hundreds of groups and historic sites out there that are looking for reenactors and volunteers to teach people about history. Below you will find links to groups and sites that are looking for volunteers or reenactors.

This page will be constantly updated. If you are part of a group or site that is in need of reenactors or living history volunteers, Please contact us at and give us your group info and website.



18th Century – (May range from F&I/ 7 Years War – American Revolultion)

F&I – French and Indian War

PW – Pontiac’s War

AmRev – American Revolution

ACW – American Civil War

WWI – World War I

WWII – World War II

KW – Korean War

VW – Vietnam War

Other- (Will have descriptor)


United States

Groups that cover multiple states, or cross borders (US/CA)

Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums

Butler’s Rangers – 18th Century

Brigade of the American Revolution – AmRev

Lauzun’s Legion – (French) F&I 

151 Regiment D’Infanterie De Ligne – WWI

Feldgendarmerietrupp WW2 Reenacting and Living History – WWII

Baker Company, 141st Infantry Regiment, 36th Division– WWII

9th Parachute Battalion, A company, 2nd platoon – WWII

505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne G Company  * WWII

502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment , 101st Airborne Company B – WWII

3rd Division 5th Regiment Fallschirmjager – WWII

353rd Infantry Division – WWII

29th (Blue & Grey) Division Living History Group – WWII

2. Panzer Division– WWII

Great War Association – WWI 


Alabama Division of Reenactors – ACW

31st Alabama – ACW

35th Alabama – ACW

8th CSA Cav/ 7th Kentucky Cav (US) – ACW

33rd Alabama – ACW

18th Alabama – ACW



501st PIR – WWII



2nd California Cavalry – ACW

Hart’s Engineers – ACW

33rd Regiment of Foot – AmRev

Royal Welsh Fusilliers – AmRev

8th Alabama Company I “The Emerald Guard” – ACW

69th New York Volunteers, Company B – ACW

43rd Virginia Cavalry – ACW

12th Panzer – WWII

120th Infantry Regt. – WWII



Queen’s Loyal Rangers – AmRev

2nd Company – Governor’s Foot Guards – AmRev

6th Connecticut – AmRev

5th Connecticut – AmRev

2nd Company of Governors Foot Guard – AmRev

Second Connecticut Regiment of Volunteers – ACW

14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry – ACW


1st Continental Regiment Foot Guard – AmRev

13th Continental Regiment – Rehoboth Minutemen – AmRev

District of Columbia

54th Mass. – ACW

Second Squadron, Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung 13 – WWII

506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, F Company – WWII


First US Sharpshooters Company F – ACW

First Maine Cavalry – ACW

The Leon Rifles– ACW



3rd Georgia – ACW

Georgia Sharpshooters – ACW

Pawnee Guard – ACW

Freeman’s Battery Forrest Artillery – ACW

4th Georgia Co E – ACW

28th Georgia, Company G – ACW




Battery G Artillery Unit – ACW 

10th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry – ACW

Living Historian Guild – 18th Century

70th Tank Battalion – WWII

2nd Marines Reenacted – WWII


31st Indiana – ACW

4th Virginia Regt – ACW.

42nd Royal Highlanders – F&I/ AmRev


3rd Iowa – ACW

3rd Iowa Artillery – ACW

4th Iowa – ACW

7th Iowa Cavalry – ACW

Army of the Southwest – ACW

24th Iowa Volunteer Regiment Civil War Reenactors – ACW



8th Kentucky – ACW

9th Kentucky – ACW

5TH Kentucky / 10th KY – ACW

Painted Stone Settlers (Other – Kentucky Settlement Period)

Butler’s Ranger’s – AmRev



20th Maine

20th Maine Company B


Joshua Bealls Co. of Maryland Forces – F&I

Marland Forces – F&I

1st Maryland Regiment – AmRev

1st Maryland Artillery CSA – ACW

1st Maryland US Volunteers – ACW

2nd Maryland CSA – ACW

2nd Maryland Cavalry Battalion, CSA – ACW

100th Infantry Division– WWII


22nd Mass. – ACW

28th Mass. – ACW

Sudbury Company – AmRev

Middlesex Fife and Drums -AmRev

HRM 10th Reg. of Foot – AmRev

Second Massachusetts – AmRev

Yarmouth Minutemen – AmRev

Stow Minutemen – AmRev

Lexington Minutemen -AmRev

Boxborough Minutemen – AmRev

Bedford Minutemen – AmRev

13th MVI – Company F -ACW

14th Continental – Glovers Regiment – AmRev



502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment-WWII

105th Engineer Combat Battalion – WWII



U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion – WWII

The 29th Panzergrenadier Regiment– WWII




Nevada Civil War Organization – ACW

New Hampshire

6th New Hampshire Volunteers– ACW

New Jersey

Outwater’s Company – AmRev

Jersey Blues – AmRev

Second New Jersey – AmRev

45th Infantry Division– AmRev

The Second NJ Brigade -ACW

Delaware River Blues Company K – ACW

27th Regiment of New Jersey Company F -ACW

New Mexico

New York

24th Regiment of Foot – AmRev

62nd Regiment of Foot – AmRev

34th Regiment of Foot – AmRev

1st Ulster County Militia – AmRev

140th New York Volunteer Infantry – ACW

12th U.S. Infantry Company A– ACW

North Carolina

Royal North Carolina Regiment – AmRev

Second North Carolina – AmRev

Sixth North Carolina – AmRev

Second Light Dragoons – AmRev

North State Rifles – ACW

30th North Carolina Troops – ACW

151st RIL – WWI

North Dakota


First Federal Div. – ACW

14th OVI/ 3rd Arkansas – ACW

Dept. of the Ohio – ACW

709th Static (BODENSTÄNDIGE) Infanterie Division -WWII




Bushy Run Battlefield – PW – (18th Century) Historic Site

Historic Hanna’s Town – – (18th Century) Historic Site

Historic Fort Loudon PA – F&I Historic Site

Marines du Contrecoeur – F&I

Compagnie LeBoeuf – F&I

Depreciation Lands Museum – (18th Century) Historic Site

Department of the Geographer – AmRev

1st Pennsylvania Regiment – AmRev

Old Bedford Village – (19th Century) Historic Site

Berdan’s Sharpshooters – ACW

Sixth Pennsylvania -AmRev

9th PA Lyght Infantry – AmRev

9th Pennsylvania Reserves – Pittsburgh Rifles – ACW

69th PA Irish Volunteers – ACW

111th Pennsylvania – ACW

149th PA Bucktails – ACW

Woodville Plantation – (Whiskey Rebellion/ War of 1812) Historic Site

6th Pennsylvania – AmRev

Captain William Trent’s Company – F&I

Rangers of the Ohio Company – F&I

Hampton’s Battery F Pennsylvania Independent Light Artillery -ACW

54th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry – ACW

3rd Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery B – ACW

142nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company F– ACW

140th Pennsylvania Volunteers Co. A – ACW

116th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers – ACW

The Furious Fourth – WWII

Allied Airmen’s Preservation Society- Midatlantic District – WWII

82nd Airborne, 508 Parachute Infantry Regiment, Easy Company – WWII

Rhode Island

Le Regiment Bourbonnais – AmRev

2nd Rhode Island Volunteers – Company B – ACW

1st Rhode Island Light Artillery – Company F – ACW

Pawtuxet Rangers – AmRev

14th Heavy Artillery of Rhode Island – ACW

Artillery Company of Newport – Ceremonial Unit/ Historic Site

Conanicut Battery – AmRev

Kentish Guards – AmRev

South Carolina

2nd South Carolina – AmRev

Ferguson SC Artillery Civil War Reenactors -ACW

2nd South Carolina Regiment – ACW

South Dakota


52nd Tennessee Infantry – ACW


15th Texas Living History Organization – ACW

Texas Military Historical Society WWII

A Company, 1st Battalion, 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment– WWII

36th Recon -WWII




First Virginia Regiment – AmRev

Virginia Regiment – Mercers Company – AmRev

4th Company – Brigade of Guards  – AmRev

7th Virginia – AmRev

First Virginia Cavalry – ACW

3rd U.S. Regular Infantry – Company K – ACW

30th Battalion Virginia Sharpshooters – ACW

28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Company B – ACW

21st Virginia Volunteer Infantry, F Company – ACW

19th Virginia Infantry Company B – The Albemarle Rifles -ACW

13th Virginia Infantry – ACW


West Virginia

Company E, 3rd Regiment, Confederate Engineers -ACW

Carlin’s Battery “D” 1st WV Light Artillery – ACW


33d Regiment – Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry – ACW

2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry – ACW



Groups in Multiple Areas

1st Canadian Parachutes

Various WWI & WWII Groups


Calgary Highlanders

British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia



Militia of Upper Canada

Prince Edward Island